Sunday, March 31, 2013

Magnifying the Issue of Home Foreclosure

Life In Foreclosure: The EPILOGUE

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Photo Essay: Rise Above and Moving ON

Moment of Change

            In October 2011, while sitting in my college classroom, I received a phone call from my mom, but decided to call her back during break. Moments later my sister, Meaghan, sent a text message. She basically said the bank was foreclosing on our home, which our family has had since we were both born. My mother, Rosemary, had received a notice from the bank that if they didn’t receive $40,000 dollars, the foreclosure process would begin. This message changed a lot for me, how could this be happening? My mom, my sister and I have been consistently employed and we don’t excessively spend.
I had to hold back tears as the class was continuing a discussion. I cannot recall the subject of the discussion, since my mind was preoccupied. Where would my mom live? Would she be able to keep Izzy, our dog? How are we going to overcome this situation? My professor turned off the room lights and turned on the documentary Invisible Children, which gave me the ability to make it through class without anyone seeing me breakdown. After my class, I talked to my mom and my older sister, who convinced me there was no turning back now and to look at the positives. I made a decision. I was going to do my part to stay positive and not focus on the hardships along the way. -- Marriah

How Everything Began

         Welcome to My Documentary Film Blog
I would like to introduce myself. My name is Marriah and I started my personal documentary project in Fall of 2011. My name and idea started with a MOMENT OF CHANGE assignment. My sister had just informed me through a text message, our family's home was going into foreclosure. We had lived there all our lives. Our impending departure from Towncrest Drive was constantly at the forefront of my mind. I had to do something to wrap my head around it. I started a production package for a documentary as an assignment. Obviously, I wouldn't want to put my family through actually creating a film about one of our worst experiences ever. As Spring began and my documentary production course started, I found myself considering making the film or at least filming our experience. When my mom decided all of this was for the better, I decided I must tell our story. The word FORECLOSURE is sad and scary, but my mom decided to make it into a positive life-changing experience. How often ddo you hear that story?! Here is where I will share our experience and the production of my documentary, Life in Foreclosure.  
-- Marriah